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» Concerto Musicale Speranza

The idea of saxophonist Pino Ciccarelli when he first formed "Concerto Musicale Speranza" was to create a musical project that 
would highlight traditional concert band music through a reworking of some of the most significant compositions used to accompany 
popular rituals and processions in the Italian peninsula and thereby to establish a bridge between the present and the past.

In 2009 the band released its first highly acclaimed album "Processione d'ammore" and followed it up in 2012 with the equally 
successful "La questua dei musici ambulanti", a tribute to the old Piscinola-Marianella band that was directed by Pino's father, 
Nataluccio Ciccarelli.

"La questua dei musici ambulanti" is a collection of traditional concert band tracks, reworked along the lines of the modern song 
formula in a wide range of styles: jazz, tango, pop, rock, latin.

Passion, feeling, sentiment This is CONCERTO MUSICALE SPERANZA A kaleidoscope of emotions translated into music A succession of memories and places from the past projected into the future A delightful game realised almost entirely with acoustic instruments A treasure chest that holds concert band melodies, popular themes, pop sweetness, jazz finesse, progressive fervour A purifying mix of genres and stylistic blending An out of the box musical horizon A carousel of heart rending emotions A musical box of sounds that enchants and evokes wonderful sensations An interior journey through dreams and reality, magic and wonder, pervaded by a sweet melancholy for times gone by and sadly never to return.

Processione d'ammore (2009)

01. La festa di S. Cecilia  
02. Venerdì santo  
03. Processione d'ammore  
04. Capricciosa  
05. Via de' Liguori 15  
06. '74  
07. Bagni di Lucca  
08. Musicante  
09. Gavuttella Appassiunata  
10. Ricciulella  
11. Verde luna  
12. Ombra d'amore  
13. La Safari gialla  
14. Arrivederci ragazzi  
La questua dei musici ambulanti (2012)

01. Girandola  
02. Piergiorgio/ 'A 'nzeriata (Feat.'A67)  
03. Ballata per un glicine in fiore  
04. 'O ritratto e Napule (feat.Pietra Montecorvino)  
05. Cinema Selis  
06. Piccola melodia pe duje uocchie scurnuse  
07. Guagliuncella d'o vascio  
08. Sona che te passa!  
09. Fujente se more  
10. Le campane di San Giusto  
11. Tic ti tic ta (Gira biondina)  
12. Nonotte  

Trasparenze (2013)

01. Canzone per Giuliano  
02. Trasparenze  
03. Vincent (Starry starry night) feat. Clara Arcucci  
04. Riccardo ce credeva  
05. Devil gate drive feat. Alessio Sollo  
06. Tecla addore 'e ceveze  
07. Swing swing  
08. Il maestro rataplan  
09. There will be time (Canzona) feat. Lino Vairetti  
10. Magari in un'altra vita  

Canzoni Lievi

01. Ricciulella  
02. Magari in un'altra vita  
03. Musicante  
04. Canzoni per Giuliano  
05. Cinema Selis  
06. N'appoco 'e te feat. Annalisa Madonna  
07. Tecla addore 'e ceveze  
08. Gavuttella appassiunata  
09. Via de' Liguori 15  
10. Nonotte  


01. Sisters  
02. Black sails  
03. Mr.Cool  
04. Belize  
05. Flower  
06. Castway of soul  
07. Sea in afternoon  
08. Retrò  

Quartetto Zanfaran This is a live project that sees in the ensemble besides the soprano saxophone, the use of the guitar, the accordion and the percussion. Crystalline sounds and unforgettable melodies are described in the Live at the Salsamenteria di Casalanno, an original and beautiful location. The disc is available on all digital platforms.

01. Processione d'ammore  
02. Fujente se more  
03. Il maestro Rataplan  
04. Ballata per un glicine in fiore  
05. Verde luna  

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